In direct mail, the return address is one of the five things a prospect will look at on an envelope. For all 5, see my video briefing here]
They want to know who sent your letter as they determine if it’s in their self interest to open the envelope immediately, open it later, or worse….simply throw it away.
Know who your clients are
When marketing to your database of customers or hot leads, it is almost always a big positive to put your company’s return address on the envelope.
It gives you higher response.
But, if you are marketing to prospects who don’t know who you are or…
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who have a false perception of you, a return address is almost always a negative and depresses response.
They see who is sending it….and toss it. A lost customer.
Tips on how your envelope can avoid the trash
Many times people throw an envelope away because they think they know what the message is as soon as they read the return address.
Therefore, it’s always best to put just an address without your company’s name. But remember, always list a street address-never a PO Box. Or, just put an individual’s name, not the company. For example, the signer of the letter.
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