Many marketers are suffering from what I call FDD…Facebook Deficit Disorder.
It causes reverse marketing bleeding….lost leads and sales because you’re not doing it right.
Most marketers will increase their ROI with a careful direct marketing campaign using Facebook.
I’m now including Facebook ads (especially adding custom lists to contacts’ news feeds, then expanding the reach to those who like your page and those users’ friends and by sending them re-targeting ads). In most every marketing campaign for…
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our clients.
Great results. Great targeting. Great ROI.
Facebook is also now giving our clients an opportunity to test ‘relevance” early so we can lower the CPM’s on ad placements.
The new metric notes the relevance of ads on a 1 to 10 scale after 500 impressions. Once you see your results, optimize and match the increased action.
If this sounds like what we do with Google, it’s very similar.
The cure for FDD? Let us put together a campaign on Facebook for you. Call me at 310-212-5727 or email