If you want your prospect to….
* Open your direct mail envelope rather than toss it aside.
* Read your email, don’t delete it.
* Act on your banner ad, don’t ignore it.
…then you must find a way to “call out” to your audience.
  Know your prospects and they will want to know you.
People like to know that they are being recognized as an individual not as a general group. And why wouldn’t they?
  Keep in mind who they really are; what are their interests, their hobbies, their careers?
  When you create a marketing effort, make sure to personalize to the individual: the teacher, mechanic, sports lover, doctor, dog groomer, etc- to turn your target audience.
  When your target audience recognizes that the information is specifically for them, they are far less likely to disregard your message.
  This is true whether it be on the envelope, on top of a hard-copy letter, in an email subject line, at the top of the email letter or clearly stated at the top of a landing page or banner ads.
Here are some examples of “call outs”:
* “This private notification is limited to executives earning more than $75,000 a year”
* “Information for Experienced Collectors Only”
* “Critical Update for Petroleum Engineers Only”
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