1. The open rate for the first month of new people signed up to an email list is 24% and the click-thru rate almost 5%. That decreases to 19%/4% in the second month, 16%/3% in the third month, and 14%/2.5% in the fourth. Funny that in the fifth month, it goes down to about 5%/1% but then the sixth month was back up to 11%/2%.
2. Open times are between 2-5pm. The lowest time was between 5-6 a.m. Friday email opens are more than Monday and actually not too far behind the top days.
Placing a particular link in your content more than once will increase the number of clicks for that link.
“Click Here” received the most clicks (32%) followed by “Go” (24%), “Submit” (20%), “Download” (15%) and “Register” (10%). Conversion rates were three percentage points higher without the word “Submit” than with.