Any product or service has weaknesses that prospects are concerned about. A major online and offline direct marketing copy technique is addressing these negatives…but not by glossing over them. Instead, much can be gained by confronting them and turning them into benefits.
If you’re selling, for example, a health supplement that hasn’t been FDA approved, don’t just sweep that fact under the carpet with an asterisk.*
Instead, you could bill it as a benefit. “A product so revolutionary, the FDA hasn’t even approved it yet!”
As soon as you hear of a product, you come up with reasons not to buy. As a marketer, if you can address each of these…if you can overcome a prospect’s objections head on, you’re on the road to a sale.
Before you begin writing your copy, make a list of your product’s potential negatives (And remember to see your product or service from your prospect’s negatives. See your product or service through their eyes). Don’t be shy about listing the negatives. Your prospect won’t be. Then begin crafting positive responses to every objection.
Some common negatives and responses are:

  • Never heard of you (“The new leader in laser technology”)
  • Cost (“It’s more expensive, but this kind of quality is not for everyone.”)
  • Alternatives (“Only one company brings you quality AND 24-hour customer service.”)

It’s important to remember your prospects are aware you’re trying to sell them something. They’re also aware no product is perfect.
However, if you remember to craft your copy to counter your prospect’s objections, you instantly gain credibility and you position yourself as an authority on solving their problems.
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