One of the most powerful tools in your copy arsenal is a testimonial. People may scoff at them… they may pretend they don’t read them… but test results show prospects respond to testimonials.
The fact is, people trust what others have to say about your product or service – not you!
There are several ways to use testimonials. Let’s look at one method, which is integrating it into your body copy.
You do this by making a statement, then immediately following it with a testimonial. Your statement then has believability and credibility.
For example:
“The new Nutra-Bar is unlike any nutritional supplement you’ll ever try. It actually provides all the vitamins and amino acids you simply can’t get from today’s modern, on-the-go diet.
Nancy Smith from Madison Wisconsin raves, ‘It seemed no matter how well I ate I always felt tired and run down. But one Nutra-Bar a day changed my energy level within two weeks.”
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