I created two direct marketing envelopes for a business-to-business client. Both envelopes had the same content inside. However, each one had different teaser copy on the outside.
Both had the line “For Salon Owners Only.” And to show there was value inside, we placed a see-through window envelope with the prospect’s name imprinted on the bottle image.
Test: Envelope A had a bold headline that said, “Now, here’s the #1 Secret for Stopping Product Diversion and Boosting Profits – Even in a Recession!”
Envelope B said “Why This Bottle Holds Your Key To:” and then listed 4 bullet points such as boosting retail sales and creating loyalty.
Which do you think gave a better response?
Result: If you chose Envelope B, you’re absolutely correct! Envelope B generated an incredible 18% better response. Can you guess why?
While Envelope A certainly drew eyes with its eye-catching headline and promise of bigger profits, the best approach was focusing on the product itself: the bottle.
Envelope B’s headline made the prospect take a moment to consider the bottle. Once they saw the bottle… with their name written right on it… the urge to open the envelope and read more was irresistible.
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