The most critical ways to increase your marketing profits can be found in our new “video briefing room.”
These are a series of concise, powerful video briefs showing you how to increase your profitability.
All videos are under 5 minutes – excepting the webinars.
Here is what you should watch in order to improve your marketing and advertising.
There are 9 subject categories:
1. Direct Mail Video Briefs

  • Magalogs – Increase the response rates on your direct marketing campaign. A magalog is a direct response sales piece using direct response copy and art.
  • Bookalogs – Dramatically increase response with this Direct Marketing secret!
  • Newsalogs – A Newsalog will get incredible response rates, compared to traditional formats. Watch my short brief to see how.
  • Videolog – Check out this powerful new direct mail marketing piece. We call it a Videolog!
  • 3-D Marketing – Do you want to know what the most powerful secret is to getting a huge response form a small, select target group? I call it “3-D” marketing – watch this short video brief to learn more.
  • Magalog secrets to massive profits that no one else is using –Watch as I explain the magalog, one of the most powerful marketing tools you can use.
  • 3 Dimensional Mail – Super high response
  • Direct Mail: Little known response booster
  • Direct Mail: Envelope Success Secrets
  • Magalogs & Tabalogs: Direct mail breakthroughs

2. Landing Page/Website Video Briefs

  • Landing Pages vs. Websites – Every marketer should watch this video. Is there a difference between a landing page and a website? When should you use one over the other?
  • Shopping Cart Blunders – Is your shopping cart following the direct marketing rules to maximize response?
  • Landing Pages vs. Corporate Websites
  • Landing Pages: How to create a winning campaign – Specialized landing pages generate a lead of sale with one simple click!

3. Strategy and Tactics Video Briefs

  • Image Advertising vs. Direct Marketing
  • Marketing confusion: What media to use or not to use
  • 10 deal killers that will cripple and destroy your campaign – 10 critical points to address in your marketing copy. Take a look at your completed copy and find out if you are killing your response with these 10 deal killers.
  • Increasing response – video briefing
  • Intro of 16 New Trends of Natural Health Marketing for 2013 – Discover crucial secrets to getting more sales and wider distribution for your natural health product

4. Banner Ad/Retargeting Video Brief

  • Why retargeting is a game changer

5. Email Video Brief

  • The Secret to Email Success

6. Mobile Marketing Video Brief

  • Mobile marketing and your profits

7. Direct Response Copy Video Briefs

  • Copywriting: The power of believing
  • 6 Direct Response Copy Formulas – Attention, Interest, Desire, and Action!

8. Special Webinars

  • 18 New Trends for Marketing Investment Products and Services – How to grow your client base 100%, 200% or even 300% in just 12 months – even in today’s market climate.
  • 18 New Trends for Marketing Precious Metals Products and Services

9. JOBS Act Video Brief

  • JOBS Act Marketing for Small Business