Example of a Great Homepage: EverNote

Here’s a great exercise:
Pretend you’re a typical prospect and visit your campaign’s homepage with no preconceived notions.
Where do your eyes go first? Are you steered toward anything? Or is it a mass of links with the standard navigation bar?
Your homepage should immediately engage and guide your prospects. Instead, most homepages are an attack of anti-direct marketing layouts, “web techie” design, and numerous links and unclear navigation.
If your homepage isn’t drawing your prospects in … it’s most likely driving them to your  competition. 75% of the success or failure of your website is determined by whether or not you follow direct marketing rules.
Homepage Suicide: Navigational nightmares
One of the worst causes of homepage suicide is a barrage of navigational choices. Upon arriving at most websites, prospects are confronted with dozens of “click me” links. Pretty, flashy … an deadly to your conversion rates.
Remember: with each passing click, your “abandon rate” climbs. And your conversion rate plummets.
The key—Easy and simple navigation.
Your layout and graphics could guide your prospect through the page to the order form or sign-up area without multiple links and navigational choices.
That’s why for any marketing campaign, you need to use a direct response landing page.
You can learn more in my video “Homepage.” Click here.
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