13 Key Strategies to Creating an Effective, Integrated Multichannel Campaign

With over 40 years of helping clients to market their products and dramatically expand their businesses, I have developed several key strategies to creating an effective marketing campaign. The first thing to know is that the foundation of an effective, … Read More

5 Little-Known Secrets for Using “Floaters” to Dramatically Grow Your Prospect Base and Lift Response

“Pop-ups” have a bad name. And a traditional “pop-up” is easily blocked by a pop-up blocker… For every campaign I create, I use a “floater.” A floater looks like a pop-up. Feels like a pop-up. But it’s not. Should you … Read More

Web Strategy: 7 Keys to Greater Response [video]

What makes a landing page that creates response and profits? They opened your mail (email or print) or clicked your Facebook ad, and now…instead of being intrigued…they’re bored stiff or confused—or just annoyed. And then they’re gone. Whether you spend … Read More

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