It was great seeing subscribes to Direct Marketing Update at FreedomFest.
If you didn’t come this year, I hope that you join me next year.
I had three panels. Here are some key takeaways from those three panels.
Panel #1: MEDIA TRACK Media Blast: Best Ways to Get Your Liberty Message OUT! (Larry Elder, Dre Baldwin, Craig Huey)
I was on the panel with Larry Elder and Dre Baldwin. What a great panel!
It was in talking about strategies to be able to market your message effectively.
What I pointed out was how the progressive left has utilized the most advancement the most advanced marketing technique used by businesses while conservatives are marketing from strategies used in the past.
Also I discussed advanced data modeling, the latest Facebook strategies, and more.
These tactics must be used by ever DMU reader just as they need to be done in a political campaign.
Panel #2: MEDIA TRACK How to Change the World and Get Rich Through Social Media (Dre Baldwin, Floyd Brown, Craig Huey)
Floyd Brown of the Western School of Journalism was on that panel with me. He has a multi-million dollar operation out of selling content through social media.
The same tactics used in building a business should be applied by those who want to have an impact in politics, religion, and culture.
I pointed out that the key to success is having data. Efforts to develop a quality database with proper segmentation is the foundation for a profitable business and effective political activity.
Panel #3: Craig Huey, How to Profitably Grow your Business…The Most Successful Marketing Secrets Used by Trump and Clinton to Win
Caleb and I led this packed-out workshop, filled with entrepreneurs, organizational representatives, and top business leaders
Our talks focused on how to profitably grow your business.
I went over the other 18 latest marketing tends and tied them into whether Clinton or Trump are using then.
While there were areas where Trump was Clinton, Clinton was ahead of Trump in most of these marketing strategies.
If you are interested in these strategies, and what these trends would be, see my webinar 18 Amazing New Trends in Marketing and Advertising Breakthroughs for 2016.
One of the great things about FreedomFest that stood out to business owners this year was the libertarian CEO’s panel, how libertarian CEOs battle the government and win. Bill Bonner of Agora, Jon Mackey of Whole Foods, and Jennifer Grossman of the Atlas Society, and John Allison, former CEO of BBNT Bank, had a great panel that I encourage you to get the CD of – how to navigate around and through government bureaucracy.
Finally, because of the JOBS Act (see my video here for a briefing) businesses can now generate capital from individual investors, with the 506(c) you can market to for accredited investors or RA+ for any investor
Companies can now use direct mail, banner ads, Facebook and more to reach out to the investor to invest in a private company.
Let me Tell you about Pitch Tank
This was a new program at FreedomFest.
Similar to the famous TV reality show “Shark Tank”, contestants presented their “pitch” for raising capital to a set of judges.
Out of the five top companies that want to raise capital, three of them are my clients.
Hopefully the others will be my clients, too.
The three clients are all trying to generate capital, and all hope to eventually to become public companies, and plan on raising thousands of shareholders before that happens.
They are raising the capital for their marketing and expansion plans.
In all, this was an awesome conference, I hope that you’ll check out the CDs, and view the pitch tank, my workshop, and more. You can buy the CDs/ MP3s at, or call this toll free number 1-866-254-2057. You can buy one session for $5, or $450 for all of them.
Did I meet you at FreedomFest, or did I miss you? If you are interested in a better direct marketing campaign for your company, call me at (310) 212-5727 or email me at