When you have a new product or service, how do you command attention to get leads?
Accutrade, a discount brokerage firm, wanted to reach individual investors through investment newsletter publishers.
Over one million of the most active investors follow the recommendations of newsletters.
Accutrade’s objective was to receive write-ups and recommendations from these investment newsletter publishers, which would dramatically increase business.
A major problem was that Accutrade was a relatively unknown brokerage firm in a highly competitive field.
So my CDMG staff and I decided on a theme that related to the average cost of 3 cents a share in trading with the firm. The creative direction consisted of a 3-part 3-D mailing.

Since Accutrade had a unique selling proposition, its uniqueness would be underscored by offering 3 very unusual pennies that would fit within a handsome wooden display case.
The first mailing would contain the display case and first penny—a 1943 zinc-coated (because of wartime rationing) Lincoln-headed penny—along with a letter.
The second mailing addressed profitable trading, a rare Indian-head penny and a letter. If a newsletter publisher called an Accutrade representative, that publisher would then receive details on trading and the final penny—a 1929 (Great Depression) penny.
If they didn’t call, their beautiful wooden display would only have two coins, while the third one would be missing.
Response was well over 90%, representing many thousands of dollars’ worth of additional business.
Watch my video below, and learn more about how effective a 3-D marketing campaign can be!
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