The mobile app marketplace has not displaced retail.
Not at all!
In fact, even though consumers spend 60% of their shopping time on the Internet (on their phones), they are browsing and research in order to make the best purchase … at a retail store.
Most people avoid purchasing on their mobile phones for one simple reason:
It’s not that easy to do.
Most websites required prospects to navigate through 13 fields before the final checkout.
With so many fields in the way, your business can expect a high abandonment rate.
Very few companies have designed their websites to ensure a single-page checkout, or at most 2.3 pages before checkout.

Mobile use and retail shopping? (Credit:

Here are the statistics on which companies have reduced their online shopping experience to one page:

  • 40%–Sportswear
  • 39%–Fashion
  • 37%–Retail
  • 25%–Beauty

But how many fields do customers, on average, have to go through in order to finish a purchase online?

  • 16—Fashion
  • 14—Beauty
  • 13—Retail
  • 13—Sportswear

At least most websites are offering a form of expedited payment. Here’s the current statistical breakdown:

  • 83%–Sportswear
  • 80%–Fashion
  • 74%–Retail
  • 67%–Beauty

So far, only 23% accept ApplePay.
Companies should not be hesitant about heavier marketing online. Mobile searches enhance retail purchases instead of diminishing them!
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