I got a call from a new start-up.
Parent’s Workshop entered a crowded and highly competitive field of educational self-help programs with The Early Achievement Program.
Parent’s Workshop was an unknown entity with a totally new concept aimed primarily at parents, and secondarily at children ages 3-11.
Lacking in name recognition and going up against some household names in educational self-help programs, Parent’s Workshop needed to get out of the gate quickly and memorably.
My CDMG staff and I created a series of radio spots, specifically targeted to single and working parents with limited time to devote to helping their children master educational challenges or enchance their parent/child relationships.

The radio ads created an empathy with single and working parents, frustrated by demands on their time and their inability to help their children excel in school, minimize discipline problems, and strengthen family relationships.
The radio spots went on to speak of the proven Parent’s Workshop techniques created by America’s finest educators, designed to instill the joy of learning through The Early Achievement Program.
The response from these commercials amounted to a cost of about $12 per lead—an excellent lead cost amount—especially when you consider this is a brand new product.
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