This week we’re going to do something unusual in Testing Corner. We’re going to tell you the results of a headline test, and then work backwards to find out which elements increased response.
But we’re not going to tell you which headline was the winner … not yet, anyway.
Test: Take a look at the following two headlines for an alternative health newsletter. One of these covers generated an unbelievable 61% more than the other.
Here’s Headline A:
If you are sick and do not use phytonutrient medicine—your life will be cut short by 10 years!
Here’s Headline B:
You can be personally helped—even cured—from the ravages of heart and blood vessel disease!
Which was the 61% winner?
If you guessed Version A, you’re right!
Why do you think A was the winner?
Call me at (310) 212-5727 or email me at to share with me your explanation, and also to let me know how we can make your direct response copy make headlines of their own!