Subheads are vital—and sometimes overlooked—part of any online or hard-copy material. If written correctly and effectively, they can get the reader’s attention, improve overall appearance, and boost sales.
Here are 8 recommendations for more powerful subheads:

  1. Use “you” copy in subheads. “You get” or “you’ll save” or “you’ll learn” can help the reader perceive benefits for themselves.


  1. Make subheads benefit oriented whenever possible. For example, to pump time-saving benefits, use “In just 10 minutes a week …” or “Master in minutes …”


  1. Remember, subheads are mini-headlines. They must keep the reader’s attention, move the reader on and stimulate action.


  1. Make sure subheads stand out. Use capitals, underlines, color, bold type, arrows, etc. And make sure there is white space above and below the subheads.


  1. Subheads that are specific are more powerful. “Save 50% now” is better than “Save now.”


  1. The use of action words in subheads keeps the reader moving—right to the end and call to action (CTA).


  1. Urgency can be paired with the action words to motivate the reader now. Examples are “right now,” “quickly”, and “today.”


  1. Finally, tie in the first subhead with the headline. Then the strong points in the headline can be re-emphasized in the subhead.

Remember, your prospect may not read the sales letter, email, or landing page word for word—they will focus on your subheads.
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