What should be the first twelve reforms by President Trump and the Republican Congress at the start of 2017?

  1. The Supreme Court: Trump needs to appoint a new, strict constructionist judge to replace Justice Antonin Scalia, who died earlier this year.

President Obama has appointed judicial activists, judges who believe that they can treat the  Constitution as a living document whose meaning can be shaped or changed by modern standards. This approach has led to legislating from the bench.
Strict constructionists want to interpret the Constitution and apply it to situations. They do not believe in legislating from the bench, but will respect the spirit and letter of our nation’s charter, including the Bill of Rights.
This is the most important of all Trump’s actions.
      2. Taxes: Trump must reform the following:

  • The Corporate Tax: right now, the United States has one of the highest corporate tax rates in the country at 39.1%, which has chased major firms and large businesses out of the country. Trump needs to reduce this rate to 15%.
  • The Income Tax: Currently, the tax rate on incomes of $200,000 a year or more is too high. We need to lower income taxes for all Americans.
  • The Tax Code: It’s way too complex, with loopholes that benefit the wealthy and well-connected at the expense of everyone else. It needs to be simplified.
  1. The United States Postal Service: Immediate reform is needed to stop the counterproductive postage rate hikes and to improve efficiency. Competition and privatization are essential.
  1. JOBS Act: A new law passed in 2012 allows individuals to raise funds through private investors without having to go through an Initial Public Offering on Wall Street. But excessive regulations still exist and must be removed to make this process easier.


Donald Trump (Credit: Gage Skidmore)


  1. “Net Neutrality” President Obama imposed “net neutrality” rules, which require Internet providers to provide the same speed of access to everyone. This rule, however, is actually more government intrusion. It will also kill innovation and stifle Internet freedom. Trump needs to reverse these rules and dismantle the FCC’s chokehold on digital communications.
  1. FCC Privacy Rules: The Federal Communications Commission claims that their new privacy rules will prevent sensitive consumer information from being shared without the express consent of the consumer. In reality, the new privacy rules will stifle the on-line economy, hurt consumers seeking the best brands and choices, and hurt innovation. Trump needs to reverse these rules.
  1. Executive Orders and Regulations: Trump must immediately reverse President Obama’s executive orders, which have increased crime, killed jobs, and hurt businesses.

Trump must roll back/eliminate the red tape and regulations strangling the local economy, including an over-time rule which is pummeling businesses.

  1. Johnson Amendment: Trump needs to repeal this terrible law, which has violated pastors’ First Amendment Rights by threatening their tax-exemption status. Churches—and all other 501c(3) non-profits—should not be afraid to exercise their First Amendment rights.
  1. Title IX of the Civil Rights Act: Right now, the radical Left is abusing and distorting this federal law in order to expand non-discrimination protections based on gender identity. The spirit and intent of this law was meant to prevent discrimination against women in education. Trump needs to ensure that original intent of the statute remains respected.
  1. Obamacare: Trump should work fast to repeal every bit of this terrible law. Obama’s government invasion of health care has led to the following:
  • Americans losing their insurance, or watching their premiums and deductibles skyrocket
  • Americans losing their doctors, as more of them retire or reject the current insurance plans
  • Employees forced to work two jobs because of imposed part-time status
  • Higher income taxes for those who do not—or cannot—afford health insurance
  1. Save the Christians from Genocide: Congressman Dana Rohrabacher (R-California) has a bill to grant emergency refugee status to Middle Eastern Christians targeted for genocide by the Islamic State. So far, the bill has been stalled in committee. Trump needs to put pressure on Congress and get this bill passed!

Please sign our petition and urge Congress to “Save the Christians from Genocide.”
Click here.

  1. The Educational System: The corrupt teachers’ unions must be stopped. Failing schools must be reformed or closed. Competition, the repeal of Common Core, and school choice must happen now.

What do you think of this list? Did I miss anything? What do you think Trump should take care of right away in his first 100 days in office? Email me at craig@cdmginc.com.