When you are #2 or lower in your industry, comparative advertising can give you a big boost in response … and a giant step to help you rise to #1.
Before I show you a powerful comparative TV commercial, let me explain why you should consider comparative advertising.
If done right, comparative advertising will:

  1. Help make a clear and powerful presentation of your unique selling proposition (USP). When Data Transport Network (DTN)  came to me to launch a new product against the industry’s respected and recognized leader, I chose comparative advertising to help DTN, and it worked.

I outlined clearly the product differentiations, and my client’s sales took off. From nothing to millions of dollars with the largest client base in the industry. It was comparative advertising that helped the company become the industry’s #1 leader in its field.

  1. Highlight the “Reason Why” to buy. Within just a few years, my client True Religion Jeans saw a dramatic sales in an entirely competitive market through comparative advertising. We explained to prospects the difference between ordinary jeans … and ones that cost $350.00.

The rest is history with a $826 million buyout.

  1. Overcome confusion, indifference, or false assumptions. With a prospect, you have to recognize that he doesn’t care who you are or what you are selling. If he has an assumption, it may not be positive.

A comparative ad fixes those problems. I find that this type of direct marketing can help clarify, motivate and dispel false assumptions.

  1. B2B and B2C markets need the clarity of comparison, too. It doesn’t matter if you are marketing to consumers … or to businesses.

For example, my client SurfControl was marketing only to the top 1,000 companies. My comparative advertising destroyed the competition and bought in leads that lead to millions of dollars in sales.
So now let me show you a great comparison TV commercial by Philips Sonicare. Watch it and tell me what you think.
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