I had an odd, terrible ruling from the United States Postal Service (USPS). I am getting surcharged on my traditional direct mail. It makes no economic sense.
I can’t send mail for my clients. They lose and the post office loses more money. Everyone loses.
Over the years, we have put in our mailings a small, lumpy piece—in this most recent case, a small sponge sample.
The post office hiked up the price of mailing the package, telling us that they would be charging the mailing as a parcel, not at the standard rate.

Postal Mail Fail (Credit: memegenerator)

It’s insane. This example is one more type of anti-business attitude that has turned the United States Postal Service into a bureaucratic nightmare for direct marketers.
Have you had a similar problem with the post office?
I’m going to make this expensive policy change an issue, so that this crazy ruling from the USPS will be changed.
Any other horror stories?
Email me your USPS horror stories at craig@cdmginc.com.