Hundreds of companies are involved in investment marketing, but not all companies know how to reach a targeted audience of investors with a marketing campaign that gets results.
With over 30 years of marketing to investors, I know what gets incredible response…and what falls flat.
The key to an effective, accountable marketing campaign is direct response marketing. This marketing approach relies on specific strategies and tactics that produce a response. It doesn’t rely on image-based advertising, and doesn’t leave you guessing about what worked.
When using this powerful approach to market your offer to investors, I recommend combining direct response marketing with an integrated marketing campaign. Integrated marketing sends all of your marketing materials to the same names and same prospects. It doesn’t waste your money or your time, and gives you the power to specifically target investors who are most likely to respond to your offer.
One of our most powerful integrated marketing campaigns was our “Flying Under the Radar” campaign, which won the Best Online Campaign of 2016 Award from the Internet Advertising Association. We created this campaign for an investment newsletter written by expert Matt McCall.
Here are the 10 key strategies that made this a breakthrough winner.
1. Advanced Data Modeling. We used the most advanced data modeling strategies to create an audience of the most active investors in America. With this powerful information, we were able to target the best prospects for our client, not the ones that would waste his time and money.
2. Direct Response Copy. We utilized the most sophisticated direct response copy. This is not traditional advertising copy. This is not journalistic copy. This is years of proven copy strategy that motivates a person to respond and overcome their objections. It identifies a powerful Unique Selling Proposition (USP) and strategic positioning and turns features into benefits to entice prospects to respond.
3. Direct Response Art. We used direct response art to increase readership by using the science of eye-flow and time tested tactics.
4. Direct Mail Magalog. With data as our guide, we created a direct mail piece called a magalog (shown below). A magalog looks and feels like a magazine, but is really a direct mail piece. The magalog we created for “Flying Under the Radar” was 16 pages long. You can see a video of what a magalog looks like by clicking here for a short video briefing. 

5. Direct Response Landing Pages. Rather than rely on a corporate website, we created a specific landing page (shown below) with one message and theme. We drove prospects to this landing page through direct mail, email, Facebook ads, and banner ads.

6. We created a powerful direct response video. Using direct response copy techniques, we created a powerful direct response video in a PowerPoint format, which typically raises response rates. The direct response video went on the landing page and was utilized as a tease in the email, Facebook ads, and banner ads.

7. Direct Response Emails. We created a seven-part email series to send to our highly targeted audience of investors. Many of the emails included a picture of the direct mail piece that the audience would be getting in their mailbox. They received an email before, during and after reminding them they should look at the direct mail piece sent to their home. Here’s an example below:

8. Direct Response Facebook Ads. The same prospects who received our direct mail piece also saw targeted Facebook ads in their newsfeeds. These highly targeted ads reminded potential investors of the direct mail piece they were going to be receiving. These ads also drove prospects to the landing page.

9. Direct Response Banner Ads. Banner ads created more buzz and response with direct response copy, driving prospects back to the landing page and creating anticipation for the direct mail piece.

10. Direct Response Retargeting. We retargeted potential leads on Facebook and Google with ads that would “follow” prospects who had visited the landing page but had not responded to the offer.
By employing these 10 tactics in a targeted, integrated campaign, the “Flying Under the Radar” campaign received an incredible response.
This integrated, multichannel way of marketing produces high response and creates breakthrough campaigns.
I’d be glad to talk to you about your campaign and how we can use some of these same tactics and strategies to be able to increase your response…and create an award-winning campaign.
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