Many marketers  who are diligent about testing headlines in their emails, direct mail or online ads often forget that testing is just as important on their landing page or website. Your headline helps determine your success, boosts your web response and it’s your first chance to start making a sale or capturing a lead.
You’ll discover important information about what your prospects respond to. Take a look at this headline test for a site that’s promoting an e-book about pricing strategies
Headline #1
The easiest price increases you’ll ever make or your money back
Headline #2
The secrets of making customers happy to pay more
This test paid off – Headline #1 outperformed Headline #2 by 42%.
The second secret to success is testing different landing pages.
I just finished a campaign with this test of two different landing pages to see what works best.
Version A:

And I tested it against:
Version B:

Which one was the winner?
If you guessed Version A, you’re right.
Version A got 227% better then Version B
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