Should. Could. Might. Maybe. Can. Potential.
Take a look at your copy and circle every occurrence of these words – along with phrases like we think, you might find, appears, may be one of, and could help.
These words and phrases are dangerous. You’ve probably noticed them before…but never noticed their effect on you. The hard truth is, these doubt-laden words rob your copy of its strength…and create a mental and emotional wall around your product or service.
They make it more difficult for a prospect to decide whether they want to buy. Even worse, they make returning customers reconsider. That’s why it’s a good idea to review your copy for words like these – and get rid of them wherever possible.
For example:

  • Wrong: After using this program, you might find that you will never need to worry about being in debt.
  • Right: Try our debt-free program today…and never worry about debt again.
  • Wrong: Order today. We believe these lawn sprinklers are the best purchase you could ever make.
  • Right: Order your custom-made sprinkler system today. It’s the best purchase you’ll ever make for your lawn.
  • Wrong: Look at these results. We could do the same for you.
  • Right: Just look at these results. Let us do the same for you.

Sometimes words of doubt are required for legal reasons, so revise with care. But remember that writing accurate copy keeps your message real, convincing and compliant – so stick with the facts and use them to their greatest advantage.
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