Your prospects and current customers are bombarded with emails every day…and the competition for their attention is fierce in this recession. But the average email recipient regularly reads messages from just 16 sources every day. To make sure you get on that list, follow these 3 Golden Rules.
Make sure every email is:

  1. Tailor your emails to fit your prospects’ needs and interests, and be sure to match up with what’s going on now. News is your friend.
  2. Remember, the goal of direct marketing is to make your message sound like it’s a personal communication. Make it conversational and easy to read.
  3. Give your prospects something of value in every communication so they have a reason to read – whether it’s free information, insider perks or exclusive discounts. Always have the prospect feel each new email, they will learn something new and valuable.

Here is a short 2 minute email video belief to discover more ways to improve your email response.

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