It’s been proven time and time again that many marketers lose significant sales because their landing page doesn’t immediately identify what the prospects are looking for.
In a nano-second, they are gone.
Why exactly are prospects and/or customers at your site?
The fact is, depending on what you’re offering, there could be several reasons for people to check out your online offer…
For example:

  • Sometimes your prospects simply want to learn more about your product before making their purchases – they need more assurance and convincing.
  • Maybe they heard about your product and want to check out your website to verify that your product is real.
  • Many will go to your website hoping for a better deal online.
  • Better still, perhaps they are there because they are ready to place an online order or ask for more information.

It’s critical to immediately give them what they want.
Once your prospect has made it to your website, it’s up to you not to slow them down by confusing them or hindering them from quickly getting what they came for.
Options and navigation choices can be deadly.
If the prospect doesn’t immediately see the product or service promised in the banner or Facebook ad, direct mail piece, email, pay-per-click or whatever media it was that sent them to your site, you have made a huge mistake and will definitely lose sales or leads.
That is one reason it is critical that you follow these 11 direct marketing rules for creating a website landing page that increases sales or leads.
11 tips to blunder-proof your website and increase sales

  1. Don’t use a traditional website created by general ad agencies or web technicians; it will kill response.
  2. Make sure the website is specifically related to the advertising message your prospect has just read.
  3. No warm-ups. Immediately identify your Unique Selling Proposition (USP) and key benefits.
  4. To maximize your response, use direct response copy, not traditional advertising copy.
  5. Avoid art for art’s sake. Only use art that helps direct the eye flow to the copy.
  6. Whenever possible, put your offer up front.
  7. Use a floater to collect prospect names
  8. Always have a specific retargeting campaign for your product…and specific page/actions like shopping cart abandonment.
  9. Never have more than 2 steps in your shopping cart
  10. Do use video to increase response
  11. Make sure that the page loads quickly

A powerful sales process requires time and thought in your online process
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