Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can be your company’s best friend … or worst nightmare.
How? By taking advantage of Google’s latest changes – or ignoring them.
Google used to crawl desktop websites to determine SEO.
No longer.
Google will now crawl mobile pages instead of desktop pages (although Google will crawl the latter if websites lack mobile versions).
Changing the rules of SEO’s is not surprising. All my clients get well over 70% views by mobile devices.
Getting left in the dust with an inadequate mobile browser is not an option in today’s competitive markets.
So, here are three major tips to help you get maximum SEO exposure.

  1. Make sure you have a responsive mobile website. Unlike your expansive desktop web pages, a website viewed from a smartphone will feature a streamlined layout optimized for mobile browsing.
  2. Paying to update your website to be “mobile friendly” is worth it, unless you don’t mind falling in search rankings. You could “do it yourself” with online tutorials or hire a company like Creative Direct Marketing Group familiar with streamlining websites to be SEO and user friendly.
  3. Make sure your mobile site is streamlined but has plenty of content so Google doesn’t pass you up as being “too thin.”

It’s become increasingly clear that mobile web browsing has overtaken desktop viewing.
If you thought investing in mobile SEO was important before, it is absolutely critical now.
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