Like the teaser copy on an envelope, the goal of the email subject line is to create curiosity about the email’s content, to entice your prospect to open it and read further.
We know that 35% of recipients cited the subject line as the most important factor motivating them to open emails. Not surprising, since the average person weeds through more than 2,200 spam emails every year – and that’s after more than 90% of them have already been stopped with filters.
The Test: We recently tested two different subject lines that we created for one of our clients.
We sent out 1 million emails with the same content. The first 500,000 were sent with the subject line: “February Subscriber Alert: Uranium.” The second 500,000 emails were sent with the subject line: “Runaway Uranium Stock Boom.”
Before you learn the results, take a guess at which one you think received a better response.
The Results: If you guessed “Runaway Uranium Stock Boom,” you are right. The email with this subject line created a 11.55% better response than the first one.
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