If you’re not selectively renting your postal and email lists, you’re potentially missing out on thousands of additional dollars in list rental income.
For example, I wrote one list owner a check for over $200,000 in the last 12 months.
My list management company, InfoMat, more than quadrupled one client’s income without any effort on his part, by using our services.
Excellence in strategic promotion
One of the reasons InfoMat generates such dramatic increases in profits for our clients is because we don’t wait for orders to come in.
We position your list in the marketplace after extensive strategic planning, and promote it through dozens of different channels such as direct mail, email, Google, Facebook and press releases.
Plus, you’ll find we use innovative strategies like analyzing orders from other list brokers for logical fit, and scanning the entire industry for new and unique markets.
Your award-winning team of professionals
What really sets InfoMat apart, however, is its alliance with Creative Direct Marketing Group (CDMG), an 86-time award-winning direct marketing advertising agency.
CDMG uses proven direct marketing techniques to aggressively promote your list and turn it into a consistent and highly profitable income source. In fact, you could double or triple your income on lists that are already steady producers.
Efficiency and quality of service
InfoMat leads the industry in customer service. Brokers come back to us because we take the time to discover what the needs of their clients are—and because the recommendations we make are effective and profitable.
Brokers know we won’t rent a list unless we believe it will work profitably. And that means more rental income for your list.
Plus, we offer a level of customer service other companies simply can’t compete with…like having one of the quickest payment schedules in the industry so your list income is fast and consistent. You could wait 6 months with other companies.
And we have exclusive online reports so you can see detailed profit reports at a glance—a perfect tool for projecting your monthly list income.
Excellence in both postal mail and email
InfoMat list management isn’t just for the postal list owner. InfoMat’s team of professionals excels in email list management. If you have an opt-in or buyer-based email list, InfoMat could be adding thousands to your bottom line each year.
With the latest list management strategies, we not only find established outlets for your list, we search out avenues of new media to expand your list’s income potential. And you can be confident your list is in good hands, since we’re noted experts in weeding out companies that don’t meet high antispam standards.
Security, trust and data protection
We know it takes years to build a loyal customer database filled with people who trust you to provide valuable, welcomed information. You want assurance that your list is used according to the terms of agreement and that your data is protected.
That’s why InfoMat always requires list renters to provide samples of their mailing pieces and electronic communications to ensure they meet your requirements. You have assurance that your lists can only be used for promotions you have personally approved.
At InfoMat, you’re always aware how your list is used. Each rental is for one-time use only. And every list is “seeded” with specially coded names to ensure proper use of your mailing list data.
Call InfoMat today for a FREE list analysis
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