Few marketers have tried the direct mail tabalog, but it is a powerful way to break through the clutter and help you dramatically increase your profits.
With a coated-stock cover, the tabalog stands out because of its unique size—enlarged from typical magazine dimensions to 11” x 12”.
Take a look at how this direct mail piece performed for Sun Wellness, Inc., a marketer of the dietary supplement Sun Chlorella…

Marketing challenge

Sun Wellness wanted to aggressively expand its customer base for its Sun Chlorella supplement. For four years, the company had been mailing promotions to grow its market share, but wanted to speed up its progress.
The marketplace was becoming increasingly competitive as many new nutraceutical companies were entering the market. Prospects were being inundated with advertising.

Creative solution

The primary function of Sun Chlorella is to help the body cleanse and detoxify itself naturally. To highlight this, my team and I have developed a tablog around the theme of “the invisible toxic enemy.”
The cover featured the true story of Dr. William Kellas, a noted authority and toxins and the immune system, and his path from debilitating disease to better health with the 7-step “Health & Vitality” program. Developed around Sun Chlorella, the program was highlighted throughout the piece, along with supporting health facts, expert opinions and customer testimonials.
The campaign’s special offer included a 30% discount and up to four free bonus gifts.


Campaign performance was three times greater than the company’s previous mailing.
This tabalog mailing not only helped Sun Wellness expand their customer base, but they had to expand their staff and install a new phone system to keep up with the number of orders that were coming in. Over 2 million pieces were mailed, generating thousands of new buyers.
Tabalogs have been successful for business-to-business and consumer products and services. Could a tabalog work for you? To find out, call me at (310) 212-5727 or email Caleb at caleb@cdmginc.com. Tell us about your business and the marketing challenge you’re facing and we can talk about the strategies that will work best for you.
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