Videos are awesome.
I have created over 400 videos for clients, many of them with the same quality as a TV commercial. After all, I have created dozens of TV commercials, and even 13 infomercials. TV/video strategy used to maximize return is something that I have studied and helped perfect for my clients over the years. This includes how videos relate to your landing page for a marketing campaign.
You should always include a video on your landing page. Video helps increase overall response, boosts credibility and ultimately, increases your profits.
Here are 7 things that you should know about to create a powerful, effective video for your landing page.

#1: Video increases your response.

Video increases response to email, banner ads, Facebook ads, Amazon ads and other platforms – driving more traffic to your landing page.
video and landing pages
Above, see a Facebook ad I created for a client, featuring a video. When prospects click the “Learn More” button, they are taken to the client’s landing page.

#2: Video length depends on your intent.

The length of your video depends on your intent. Is the intent to create a lead? The video should be shorter. Is it to create a sale? Then, your video should be longer. Is it an easy to understand the product that you are selling? The video should be shorter. Or more difficult and complex and expensive? The video should be longer.

#3: Use the video—but recognize most people won’t watch it.

A video will increase response … even when people don’t watch the video.

#4: Use a video image.

In your digital ads, it’s important to have an image of your landing page video. It should be a powerful, enticing, image that compels the person to click.

#5: 12-second rule.

Within the first 12 seconds, promise something unusual and big prospects will only discover if they continue to watch the video to the end.

#6: Use a powerful headline.

On the landing page, use a strong headline above the video image, a powerful caption to entice prospects to respond and even bullet points to explain to prospects what they will learn.
Below, see a video I used for a client’s landing page, with a powerful, benefit-oriented headline.


#7: Finally, we recommend offering a transcript for someone to click on…

…if prospects don’t want to see the video. Write the transcript as if it was a sales page: easy to read with a powerful call-to-action at the end and direct response graphics that would be necessary to enhance the viewing.
If you would like to discuss creating a powerful video for your marketing campaign, give me a call at (310)212-5727, or email Caleb at
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