For the first time in 80 years, you have the freedom to raise capital directly from private investors.

This transformative shift – enacted under the JOBS Act – has made it possible for you to dramatically expand your business and see your profits skyrocket with an equity crowdfunding campaign.

In order to raise capital however, you must know how to reach investors who will respond to your unique investment opportunity – and put capital into your business.

Targeting Investors – Use Your Own Database

One of the best ways to target investors is to mine your own database of information current customers, prospects and leads.

These names have already shown interest and loyalty in your business … and are more likely to invest their resources in a venture they believe in.

I identify who the investors are in your own database, and then create a custom list of prospects who are likely to put capital into your business.

These prospects then receive your marketing materials – such as direct mail, email, digital ads and more – that advertise your investment opportunity.

Raising capital using your own database will be a powerful strategy in your equity crowdfunding campaign under the JOBS Act.

But you’ll also need to know additional strategies and tactics to creating a successful equity crowdfunding campaign.

You’ll discover these tools in my new book, 23 Equity Crowdfunding Secrets to Raising Capital – the world’s first-ever guide to equity crowdfunding marketing under the JOBS Act.Screen Shot 2018-05-10 at 1.58.20 PM

In 23 Equity Crowdfunding Secrets to Raising Capital you’ll discover:

  • My #1 secret foundation to a marketing campaign that gets incredible response
  • 6 powerful steps to create a multi-channel, integrated marketing campaign
  • 8 little-known prospecting tactics using look-a-like audiences
  • How to strategically target and retarget your “perfect prospects”
  • 4 critical keys to marketing on Amazon … and why you can’t afford not to use this revolutionary new marketing platform
  • 8 innovative new Facebook strategies that you must use for effective results
  • Why testing your results may be the most important step you take in your marketing
  • And more…

And, for a limited time only, you can have 23 Equity Crowdfunding Secrets to Raising Capital for 20% off, when you order here.

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