Headlines can break or make an ad (online or print), direct mail or email campaign, or your landing page/website. I was quoted in an issue of “Target Marketing” in a great article. Here is part of the article that can give valuable direction and wisdom:

Headlines Rules Broken

“Avoid the ‘hard-to-grasp’ headline – the headline that requires thought and is not clear at first glance.” – John Caples

“Remember that every headline has one job. It must stop your prospects with a believable promise.” – John Caple

“The headline is the ticket on the meat. Use it to flag down readers who are prospects for the kind of products you are advertising. If you are selling a remedy for bladder weakness, display the words BLADDER WEAKNESS in your headline; they catch the eye of anyone who suffers from this inconvenience. If you want mothers to read your advertisement, display MOTHERS in your headline. And so on.” —David Ogilvy

“Clearly state a benefit in your headline.” —Craig Huey, president, Creative Direct Marketing Group

“People are hurried. The average person worth cultivating has too much to read. They skip three-fourths of the reading matter, which they pay to get. They are not going to read your business talk unless you make it worth their while and let the headline show it.” —Claude Hopkins

“Specifics sell. Generalities don’t.” —Andrew J. Byrne

These key principles should help with banner ads, video, email, Facebook, direct mail and more.

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