You may be like many marketers who email or call me. Their problem: Their website is producing disappointing results.

They have people leaving the site too soon. They have few people motivated to go to the shopping cart.

They have a confusing checkout process, depressing response…

Bottom line: They have a static antimarketing site that does nothing to generate sales.

Let me tell you how one entrepreneur became a well-oiled ecommerce powerhouse.

Dorothy Pryor Rose, president and chief baker at Mommie Helen’s Bakery, was about to get the opportunity of a lifetime. Oprah Winfrey’s O Magazine was ready to release a glowing review of her pie shop.

The only problem was, her website was static, lacking enough benefits and information for prospects to make a positive decision. It also had a weak online-ordering process.

I talked to Dorothy and gave her a road map to success for her landing page.

So, my team of experts at Creative Direct Marketing Group, Inc. built her a 6-step game plan to get her ready for a massive boost in response.

Step #1: A powerful USP.

First, we identified and articulated the Unique Selling Proposition (USP), telling the prospect what’s special and unique about Mommie Helen’s Pies.

Step #2: Tell a compelling story.

Then, we told Mommie Helen’s story in a compelling way that evoked emotion in the reader. Most of the time, people buy on emotion and impulse – our goal was to bring prospects into a story that makes them want to buy.

Mommie Helen’s Bakery took on a personality: We created a short story explaining how Mommie Helen’s began…from homemade pies at hometown gatherings to word-of-mouth business to a fully operating bakery.

Step #3: Direct response graphics to boost response.

powerhouseIn this story, we used enticing, response-boosting photos of her unique pies.

And of course, CDMG secured rights to use the cover of O Magazine on the landing page.

Step #4: “You”-oriented copy to create a connection to readers.

Throughout the landing page, we used only direct response copy to capture reader interest and prompt orders.

The copy strategy included a personalized letter from Dorothy to the prospect, explaining her bakery’s benefits and how her pies stand out from factory-produced pies.

Step #5: Optimize shopping cart.

We also the site’s order-taking and shipping capabilities to handle the surge of new customers from Oprah’s national press announcement.

This included critical direct response elements, from a 100% money-back guarantee to an email capture feature to a streamlined shopping cart.

Step #6: Data collection.

Finally, we set up a system for data collection to grab customer data and current analytics to see what’s already working and build a database for future sales.

With limited navigation and advanced search engine optimization, Dorothy’s site was now open for business.

And the strategy worked. Mommie Helen’s Bakery gained an unbelievable 250% in total sales.

If you think you should be getting more out of your e-commerce site’s performance, call me at (310) 212-5727 or email Caleb at for a FREE web critique. You’ll learn what’s working and what could be done to improve your response…maybe as much as 250% or more.


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