For consumer marketing, a new study shows the importance of making sure your lead generation or sales ads, landing page and email conversion series are powerfully optimized for mobile users to get a great click-through and conversion rate.

Here are 6 things you need to know:

  1. Click-through-rate.

The study showed that the click-through-rate for direct-to-consumer brands was three times higher on mobile phones than on desktop computers.

  1. Conversion rate. 

The study also showed that the conversion rate for direct-to-consumer brands was 50% higher on mobile.

Users were more likely to not only click, but to actually follow through with a purchase.

  1. Cost per conversion.

Direct-to-consumer brands who were mobile-optimized also got a much better ROI – Their cost-per-conversion was 25% lower on a mobile phone than on desktop.

  1. Device.

The study also compared the type of mobile device used. iPhone users were three times more likely to click and convert than Android users.

  1. Sex.

The study also showed that women are twice as likely to click on mobile ads and make a purchase than men.

  1. Products.

Finally, the response to direct-to-consumer ads on mobile devices varied according to product type. Ads for shoes and beauty items are shown to perform the best, while ads for alcohol and education perform the worst.

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