When writing your marketing content, make sure to use sizzling copy.

This is the kind of copy that keeps your readers interested…and likely to make a purchase.

Sizzling Copy: Use the Right Words

There are certain words, that when used, create better response.

It doesn’t matter if your audience includes…

  • The most rational engineer…
  • The most serious scientist…
  • The most affluent investor…
  • The stuffiest corporate executive…
  • The most hardened secretary…
  • Or the most skeptical doctor….
  • Young/old, male or female….

….sizzling copy gets more click-through and conversion.

Sizzling copy includes words like:

  • “You”
  • “Profit”
  • “Health”
  • “Love”
  • “Guarantee”
  • “Money”
  • “New”
  • “Easy”
  • “Discovery”
  • “Free”
  • “Save”
  • “Results”
  • “Safety”
  • “Proven”
  • “Amazing”

Here are some other examples of power or active-possessive words that demand attention:

  • “Own”
  • “Get”
  • “Control”
  • “Take”
  • “Capture”
  • “Seize”
  • “Enjoy”

Once you’ve made sure you’ve included these kinds of words in your copy, it’s important to look at your sentence structure. Are your sentences as powerful as possible? Does every phrase have as much impact as possible?

Additional Tips for Sizzling Copy

Here are additional tips to make your copy even more sizzling:

Remove unnecessary words. For example, “We publish the Folio on a monthly basis” can be changed simply to “We publish the Folio monthly.”

Cut the “deadwood.” You should also remove what I call “deadwood” from the beginning of your sentences. “It is,” “there is” and “there are” are examples of unnecessary words that weaken your copy.

Write with an active voice. For example, say “The company will bear the cost of rebuilding,” not “The cost of rebuilding will be borne by the company.”

Avoid complex words. “Later” instead of “subsequently.” “Fix” instead of “repair.”

Short sentences. Try breaking up long sentences.

Get to the point. Don’t wait to get to your main point. Say it upfront!

These tips are a good start to writing sizzling copy that gets a response. If you’d like to talk to me about creating sizzling, response-boosting copy for your next campaign, give me a call at (310) 212-5727 or email Caleb at caleb@cdmginc.com.



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