Marketing breakthroughs don’t happen as often as they should nowadays … but they do still happen. And when one comes along, you should pounce.

The latest marketing breakthrough?


That’s when you send emails to the same people you’ve sent a direct mail campaign to … all as part of one campaign.

Just throwing that one little extra piece into the mix could increase your direct mail response rates by 10% to 20%.

And your emails enjoy increased response rates as well because your prospects are seeing you in multiple places (electronically and in print).

You know like when you send birthday invitations to your child’s friends, and then you send the parents a text to say, “Hey, look out for that invitation …”

Or when you send a team member instructions for a project, and then you give them a quick ring to say, “Hey, I just sent you an email … be sure to check that out and then call me if you have any questions …”

Integrated emails are like that.

They’re like a follow-up to give your prospect a heads up that they have something great heading their way in direct mail.

Here’s an example of an integrated email series we created for one of our clients recently …

Build Excitement, Trust, and Tension

For one of our clients, we had created a Magalog (a direct mail piece that looks and feels like a magazine, but isn’t one … this video explains it better) that we were sending to their physical mail boxes.

A few days before we knew the pieces would drop (aka arrive), we sent the first in the series of integrated emails, letting them know we’d put something in the mail that they’d find interesting and they should look out for it.

We told them what it looked like and teased some of the highlights.

This does several things …

It builds excitement. Everyone likes to know something is in the mail for them, especially when it’s not a bill.

It builds trust. The email gives you room to introduce yourself. This makes it harder for your prospect to just throw the direct mail piece in the trash without a second thought. They knew it was coming, so they give it more benefit of the doubt than an unexpected piece.

It builds tension. The email is a perfect place to create more intrigue and tease your amazing piece. By the time the physical mailing arrives, they’ll be looking out for it.

A few days after the direct mail was delivered, we sent the second integrated email. This time, we pointed out that something should have arrived … but in case it didn’t, the email contained some of the most interesting details.

It looked like this …



This second email gives you the opportunity to build more value in your prospects mind because you’re giving them information that they can use to be (and sound) smarter … and still consider your offer, even if they threw the mail piece in the trash without noticing it.

It may even get them reconsidering your offer, which they may have dismissed on first pass.

A few days after that, we sent a third integrated email … this time short and to the point … and with a hook (we’ll discuss “the hook” another day).



It’s as simple as that.

With just three integrated emails, you can increase the response rates on your direct mail marketing efforts … and your email click throughs.

Definitely a breakthrough worth implementing.