First the United States Postal Service (USPS) promised NO price increases for 2020 … then they backtracked. Effective January 26, 2020 you’ll see the following proposed price increases:

Product Current Proposed Change
Small Flat-Rate Box $7.90 $8.30 +5.1%
Medium Flat-Rate Box $14.35 $15.05 +4.9%
Large Flat-Rate Box $19.95 $21.10 +5.8%
APO/FPO Large Flat-Rate Box $18.45 $19.60 +6.3%
Regular Flat-Rate Envelope $7.35 $7.75 +5.5%
Legal Flat-Rate Envelope $7.65 $8.05 +5.3%
Padded Flat-Rate Envelope $8 $8.40 +5.1%

And there will be price increases for all the bigger, heavier items as well. Basically, if you’re sending anything via USPS in 2020, you’ll pay more.

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