To win in direct mail, you must stand out from the clutter … avoid the trash basket …

You must be more valuable to your prospect than they are to you in the form of sales.

Easier said than done, of course. But not impossible.

There is one direct mail, direct response format that delivers on each of those three criteria and then some: the Bookalog.

Yet 98% of markets overlook this powerful direct mail strategy.


What’s a Bookalog, you ask?


It’s a persuasive sales letter that looks and feels like a book.

And when a copy lands in your prospects hands it does four things instantly:

  1. It automatically creates the sense of value – every civilized person would be hard pressed to throw a book in the trash – even an unsolicited one – because we are taught from our toddler years that books are valuable. It’s ingrained in our psyche.
  2. It implies usefulness in solving a problem the prospect has.
  3. It confers credibility – authors of published books are seen as experts in their field.
  4. It crushes the first hurdle of skepticism – it doesn’t look or feel like marketing, so it warrants a closer look.

I’ve witnessed firsthand how a consumer Bookalog can generate hundreds of thousands of new leads or buyers. I’ve had B2B marketers thank me profusely for their Bookalog successes.

In fact, a few years back my barber began telling me a story of how him mother had recently read this book that convinced her to buy a nutritional product. She was so “sold” on the product that she sent her son (my barber) the book. He read it and quickly ordered himself some of that nutritional product.

He was so pleased with the information that he’d learned in the book, and the product he’d bought as a result that he wanted me to read the book as well.

It turned out that the “book” was actually a Bookalog that my team and I had created for a client to sell their nutritional product!


A Different Strategy For A Different Market


A Bookalog is excellent for either business to business or consumer campaigns.

It’s also shown to be successful for fundraising, investment offers, health offers, tech campaigns, and much more.

And in a world flooded with marketing online and offline, there is no better way to be noticed than a Bookalog.

Even better, if you apply the powerful new multichannel integrated marketing approach, the Bookalog will blow your response rates and sales out of the water.

If you’re looking for a direct mail piece that will stand out, a Bookalog could be your key to incredible response. You can watch this video for more proof of how powerful this marketing tool can be.

Could your business use a Bookalog to stand out from the crowd? We have decades of experience in creating Bookalogs – and can create one for you in less than 8 weeks – along with the multichannel integrated marketing strategy that creates massive direct response mail winners.

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