My staff and I are now winners of 91 awards!

We are really proud of the latest one, which recognized the effectiveness of one or most recent campaigns that produced 30% response rates.

The Summit International Award judges recognized that this campaign was truly effective marketing, and chose us over 1,400 other entries to receive their prestigious award.

We will be sending out a press release on the award shortly, but wanted to share some of the highlights with you here (including a tip or two on how to achieve similar results in one of your future campaigns).


How to Get a Difficult Target Audience to Listen


Create an integrated, multi-channel campaign with a 3D piece at the center … (which is what we did to win the SIA award).

Our client wanted to bring together a group of newsletter writers to meet the company during peak conference season.

But these writers are notoriously hard to reach. In fact, they might just be one of the most skeptical target audience on earth.

They don’t open their emails.

They’re wise to the world of direct marketing tactics, which they deploy in their own marketing efforts.

They screen their calls.

And they put gate keepers in the way.


What we did …


So, we first created a list of the most active writers we wanted to target.

Then we sent a FedEx box to the target audience. Inside was the invitation and some irresistible goodies for them to keep.

This is something that requires a lot of creativity because it must have a WOW factor.

When the package arrives, we want the response of the recipient to be, “Wow, come take a look at this,” to anyone else in the room.

It must create curiosity and interest.

It must suspend skepticism.

And it must demand the reading of what’s inside to understand why they’re getting it.

We successfully achieved all three in this campaign, and pulled in industry-breaking response rates.

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