Every marketer will be impacted by this year’s presidential election, whether you want to be or not.

Whether you’re actually involved in political direct marketing or not, you need to be aware of these facts.

If you’re using direct mail in any of the states when they’re hosting a primary … expect your response rates to be lower because of the intense political direct mail campaigns.

If you’re using TV or radio, you’re already seeing the impact of rising prices and limited inventory.

And if you’re using any digital media, prices are increasing dramatically in a space that is becoming overcrowded quickly.


Here’s how much money political marketers have to spend over the next several months:


  • The Republican Party is now spending $11 million on TV and digital ads targeted at vulnerable Democrats who supported impeachment … as well as $241 million for marketing in general.
  • Last year, the Democratic Party and the presidential candidates had amassed a combined $450 million.
  • Bernie Sanders raised the most money among the Democratic candidates, with an average donation of $18.
  • Michael Bloomberg, alone, is dominating select TV areas with two minute TV commercials and a $100 million buy … and Tom Star not far behind.