Facebook (and Google) have no intention of making it easy for anyone selling a product or a service to do so on their platform. There are rules and guidelines, and they’re enforced with an iron fist.

The digital marketing landscape as a whole is becoming more and more regulated. With increase concern from the public in data privacy laws these tech giants will continue to attempt to be proactive to avoid any heat from the public.

This will only get worse, especially in a presidential election year.


But don’t give up …


70% of ad spend will be with one of the three leading ad sellers (Facebook, Google, and Amazon) by the end of this year. There is a reason for this: the rewards for successfully marketing and advertising on digital platforms are still worth more than the extra effort it takes.

That’s because seniors are increasingly Facebook’s most active users.

The younger generations have shifted to other platforms, but that’s okay because the mature market remains the biggest consumer base in the U.S.

Baby Boomers, while rapidly heading into retirement, still control a substantial portion of the spendable dollars out there, and their needs as they continue to age are absolutely predictable.

So, while it’s going to be tough going, especially this year, getting Facebook approval for your ads, keep at it.


What to do …


Be sure to familiarize yourself with Facebooks and Google’s ad policies. They are extensive and oftentimes include guidelines that you may never expect. A lot of confusion surrounds the “personal attributes” policy so make sure that you read it in depth.

Do your research or partner with someone who understands the platforms. For example, if you’re in the housing, credit, or employment business be sure that you know the restrictions Facebook released in August 2019 surrounding targeting for these categories. If you’re in the political space, you will need approval to run ads, which has a certain process that you will have to go through. Do not wait until the last minute, be prepared.

We are encouraging all our clients in consumer – and sometimes B2B – to use the latest tools for success.


Some tips you can use to make it easier …


  • You can easily target the mature market on Facebook by using look-a-like audiences, custom lists, and more.
  • Once you’ve targeted them, serve them interesting, useful ads and videos to boost response and bring in new leads.
  • Use Facebook and Google with an integrated, multi-channel approach. This is where you send a single, powerful offer to the same names across direct mail, email, digital platforms, banner and native ads, Amazon ads, pre-roll videos, and more.
  • Also, partner with us so we can leverage the relationships and experience we’ve built up with this social media behemoth (and others) to maximize your visibility and return on investment on this challenging platform. You can reach us at 615.933.4647 or email johnny@cdmginc.com.