Expensive tickets.

Terrible location.

So how do you get people to buy theater tickets?

You turn to a three-pronged approach, bringing together direct response and multi-channel marketing, and adding the Advanced Transactional Data powerhouse.

And that’s what we did for the Fellowship for the Performing Arts. They wanted to attract theatre goers to the CS Lewis play.

The trouble was, the location was difficult to reach.

And, ticket prices were expensive – $60 or more.

The solution we created for The Fellowship of the Performing Arts excited the prospects about the play … it spoke to their superior taste in theatre productions and their intimate knowledge of a literary genius.

With a multichannel, integrated approach, the market potential was expanded and the show a success. Close to 2,000 tickets were sold.

Here’s how we achieved such an outstanding result …


How to Break Through the News and Clutter


To reach the desired target audience with a response generating message, we divided the campaign into two phases, each designed to break through all the noise and clutter to achieve a successful campaign and make money from the outset.

In phase one, we tested a carefully crafted, powerful direct mail piece that consisted of an envelope, sales letter, and several other key components, including Informed Delivery.

We used professional direct response copy and performed advanced transactional data modelling.

In phase two, we added digital elements for a multichannel, integrated campaign, in which we used the very same names that received that direct mail to send emails, Facebook ads, and Google ads.

In doing this, we increased sales and boost responses to the direct mail piece … and generated profitable online sales themselves.

Interestingly, the results revealed that direct mail is a more powerful, convincing way to market … with the digital marketing components not pulling in as many ticket buyers as the direct mail piece prospects received in their mailbox.

This campaign proves that, with the right message, format, and supporting elements – all combined with advanced transactional data modelling (TDM) – turning prospects into paying customers is possible … even though location and price are barriers.

If you have barriers you’re struggling to overcome in your marketing efforts, give us a call. We’re here to help. You can reach us on 615.933.4647 or johnny@cdmginc.com