We all like to consider ourselves logical and dispassionate when it comes to our decision-making. But the fact is, we are driven by emotions — and so are your prospects and customers.

Granted, we aren’t toddlers, doing everything our urges tell us.

But, people buy for primarily emotional reasons.

They use logic to justify the buying decision.

“It will save me money … ”

“It will save me time … ”

“I will be more productive … ”

So, the power behind any direct response copy is its ability to activate an emotional triggers in the audience.

Before you start working your copy magic, know your audience.

If you don’t know who your customer is, you won’t know what they want and the emotional triggers that get them there.

These Are My Top 3 Emotional Triggers

  1. FEAR: This is the most powerful emotional response of all. In fact, research has shown that fear of loss is a more powerful motivator than the desire for gain.


  1. MONEY: People want success, more income, and more profits. Use words that put the reader into that place where they are richer, more affluent, or more successful in business. Like other emotional triggers, appeal to the senses in your copy: sights, smells, sounds, and experiences put the reader in that lap of luxury.


  1. FRUSTRATION: Feelings of frustration and anger often arise from previous disappointment. Know where your customer is coming from. Tap into past letdowns that have cost them time or money, grief or anguish.

You can use many emotional triggers to activate a response in your target audience.

The goal is to use the right ones to drive your customer to take action. That’s the key to success in direct response copy.

But use them carefully.

The emotional triggers you use depend on who you’re marketing to and what you are marketing.

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