When writing copy for your direct marketing campaign, you only have a few seconds to grab your prospect’s attention.

That’s why you must choose your words carefully.

As your prospects read, the copy must continuously arouse their interest.

Avoid anemic copy and generalities. For example, do not say or indicate that:


  • Maybe your product will work.
  • Eventually they should purchase your product.
  • Perhaps they should consider using your product.


Hit them hard and to the point with hot words that express urgency and action.


  • Emergency
  • Save
  • Easy
  • New
  • Secret
  • Breakthrough
  • Finally
  • At last
  • Proven
  • Dramatic
  • Discover


Here are some examples of those hot words in action …


  • Don’t delay – pain relief can be yours now. Call within the next 2 days and you’ll also receive a free gift.


  • Let me tell you about the secret Fed move that could cause gold to make you a fortune.


  • Introducing the newest breakthrough in…


Above all, you must sound and be confident in what you’re selling, while at the same time creating an alarming effect with carefully chosen words.


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