A pandemic is one of the BEST times to market with confidence and persuasive power … whether your prospect is working at home or the office.

And there’s no better way to do it that with a disruptive marketing campaign tactic perfect to motivate your most skeptical prospect or client.

It disrupts their fear …

It disrupts their distractions …

And it gives them something useful, intriguing, and FUN to consider.

What is this disruptive piece?

The 3-dimensional mailer.

They not only grab your prospects’ attention and lift them from their pandemic fears and struggles … but they’re fun for YOU to create as well.

I’ve sent scissors, puzzles, treasure chests filled with coffee, rare coins, even a drone, as part of a 3-D direct mail package.

And the best part?

When done right, your prospects are practically guaranteed to open the package and see what it’s all about.

Better yet, you create a powerful “Wow!” moment that drives response through the roof.

For example, we did a rare coin package for a financial services client that brought in a 90% response rate.

A 3-D campaign for a company that creates $100,000 trade show booths brought in a 5% response and the client converted 20% of them!

And, we recently sent a drone to perhaps one of the hardest audiences to reach … and got an 85% response rate and an unprecedented number of conversions.

You can watch a video on 3-D mailers here.



And you should watch my video on videologs as well because they’re a form of 3-D direct mail.



If you would like to see a few more case studies of our effective 3-D campaigns … or you’d like to get some advice on how to create one of your own, just send me an email at craig@cdmginc.com or call Johnny on 615.933.4647.