One of the most powerful response boosters in an email or direct mail letter is the “superscript.”

In a time when so many people are working from home, this tactic is even more important.

Simply put, a superscript is a placement of powerful direct response copy in the area above the salutation.

It’s an incredible way to hook the reader and create a compelling interest to read the entire letter.

Before I elaborate, let’s look at an example of a superscript my ad agency created for The Weather Channel:

As you can see, a superscript teases your reader’s interest before the letter even begins. It also immediately draws the eye with large and dynamic type. It truly begs to be read.

Some of the things you can do with the superscript are:

  • Tease the premium
  • Tell a story that motivates your reader to act now
  • Describe mouthwatering offers your prospect can’t resist
  • Present a crisis or a major problem your prospect is facing and tease the solution
  • Create powerful curiosity based on self-interest

The singular goal of the superscript is to get inside the mind of your prospect and motivate them to read the letter.

It’s an effective tool.

Here’s another example:

Used correctly, superscripts are capable of increasing the profits of a campaign by a full 25%.

However, if the superscript is used incorrectly, it can decrease response by the same 25% or more.

Be careful of telling too much.

Or failing to create curiosity, drama, or interest.

You must make an emotional connection to your prospect.

Show your prospect that it’s in their self-interest to act, and you’ll find the superscript is a highly successful marketing tool.

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