In my webinar, Marketing and Advertising During the Historic Pandemic Crisis: 7 Emergency Actions Presidents and Marketing Directors Should Do in this Economic Collapse, I identified how some market segments are not only strong but they actually generated tremendous response to advertising and marketing campaigns.

One of these segments are people subscribing to alternative health newsletters, people buying nutritional products and supplements, and people going to clinics, taking courses, and buying books. Anything to be able to strengthen their immune system and anything to be healthier.

This type of marketing will create huge, major shifts.

For example, many supplement marketers who have cut their advertising, or aren’t shifting their message or going directly to consumer will be left in the dust.

Those companies that are marketing wisely are able to generate new leads and new sales at rates not seen.

Response rates have been up 50% to 100%-plus.

According to Nutritional Business Review, 36% of the population have said they have increased their supplement buys and over 50 % say they will continue to increase them.

If you have a product or service, in the health, nutrition, and supplement niche, you should know we helped launch Dr. Whitaker. We helped generate a $24 million direct to consumer operation for Dr. Bruce West. We helped Metagentics, Indiana Botanics, Sun Chlorella, and many more.

In fact, during a recession, we helped Sun Chlorella move from an unknown product out of Japan, to well over half a million buyers.

If you’d like to learn some of the strategies and tactics to do this, I’ve decided to hold a special, emergency webinar specifically for health, nutrition and supplement products.

Emergency webinar details …

It will be at 11:00 a.m. ET on May 21, and to DMU subscribers and their friends, it is absolutely free.

Just register here and I’ll send you the information along with the Action Guide.

And, if you’d like to watch last week’s webinar, you can view it here. With a general market focus, it is perfect for marketing directors and presidents of marketing.

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