Response to marketing campaigns often increases when you are relevant and current with what’s going on in the world today.

No truer example exists than with the current fears of the pandemic economic recession.

B to B marketers are finding that many companies are cutting budgets and cutting back on their business expenditures.

Some prospects and customers shut down and may never recover.

Consumer marketers are feeling the effects of fear, lockdowns, partial openings, and less spending habits by clients and prospects.

Many in their target demographic are cutting back on anything that may not be necessary and/or consumers are postponing what would be considered a luxury purchase for later in the reopen.

The Best Approach

Your best approach when writing copy is preemptively addressing why, in an economic downturn, it’s in the prospect’s self-interest to make those purchases.

In other words, be realistic in your marketing. Empathize with your prospects. Let them know you know the situation that they’re in and that you have a solution for their needs.

Reposition your copy by understanding and addressing the objections in their mind that:

  • The expenditure can be postponed
  • The expenditure is not necessary
  • There’s a cheaper alternative

Does your copy address these sections?

By incorporating this strategy into your copy, you’re going to increase your response/.

Empathy is a key principle of direct response copywriting. But you don’t want to lessen response by writing “too soft.” Let us help you. CDMG copywriters have helped our clients thrive through 5 recessions. If you haven’t had a chance to send us a piece of your marketing material for a FREE critique, now’s the time. Email me at, or call Johnny at (615) 933-4647.