It’s a common copy blunder.

It cripples response.

It’s deadly to your marketing in a recession.

I’m sure you have all come across these words and haven’t even noticed their subconscious effect on you.

Just as power words or hot words influence your prospects to make a purchase, words of doubt will discourage prospects from purchasing your product or service.

Blocking sales with the wrong words

Words of doubt are dangerous words because they create a mental and emotional wall around your produce or service, making it difficult for your prospects to decide if they want your product or service.

Even worse occurs when you have customers who have made previous purchases but, because you use words of doubt, they choose to stop buying.

Here are a few sentences with words of doubt:

  • After using this product, you might find that you will never need to worry about being in debt
  • Join today and we think it should be the best step toward weight loss you have ever made.
  • It appears that our new eye cream is one of the better products of its kind.

The bottom line is that words of doubt anywhere in your copy will depress response.

Sometimes, you must use words of doubt for legal reasons. When faced with these restrictions, still be careful. “Could”, “can”, and “potential” can pull down some of the copy’s strength, but done right, they can actually create more reality in your advertising copy and keep it legal.

Take a look at both your online and offline direct response copy, examine for any words of doubt and replace them with the power words and hot words I’ve told you about in previous issues.

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