Has your marketing to your target audience changed since the pandemic?

It should have … to make sure you’re keeping up with the changes they’re going through.

For example, there’s a massive exodus underway as people escape from the deterioration in cities … a decline caused by bad government polices … high taxes … regulations … crime … homelessness … and, of course, lock downs.

Some states, counties, and cities continue to impose huge restrictions on business and freedom. People and businesses are fleeing states like California, New York, and Washington as a result.

The silver lining in this is the new opportunity to provide goods and services for these moving. So, if you’re interested in “moving data” for direct mail and email … or even digital marketing … contact Jeremiah at 615-933-4677.

Watch this video with billionaire Peter Rex, who is leaving a pro socialist state for a pro free-enterprise state.

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