I love the new integrated, multichannel marketing strategies where you can test every element  (creative, channel, copy, and more) comparatively.  Consider the following strategies:

  1. Send a direct mail piece to your targeted audience.
  2. Send multiple emails (pre, delivery, and post) to the names you’re mailing to.
  3. Send banner ads to the same target audience you are marketing to.
  4. Send Facebook newsfeed ads to the same target audience you were mailing to.
  5. Use pre-roll advertising on relevant YouTube videos.
  6. Use native ads to reinforce your brand and retarget this audience.

Each of the elements provides powerful testing opportunities.


For example, we tested three subject lines. Can you guess the winner?

A. “Stunning Update”
B. “Did you get the email I sent you?”
C. “It’s in the mail.”

The winner:

A. Stunning Update: 4.99%
B. Did you get the email I sent you?: 13.02%
C. It’s in the mail (picture) 12.64%


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